Master Key System

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If you have a high employee turnover rate, or are just simply aiming to increase the security of your establishment, you might need a master key system. Miami Locksmith offers master key system installations for every kind of establishment, but first, let’s define a master key system.

Master Key Systems (MKS) are lock sets that are all different but accessible by one key. So while there may be multiple locks all with different forms, there will be one key to open every one. This is a great way of reducing costs from changing locks because now you only need to change one instead of every one.

Benefits of a Master Key System

Lock and Key Replacement – The most beneficial aspect of having a master key system is the easiness that comes with lock and key replacement. Now whenever you need to remake the locks for the entry of a building (or exit) you only need to change the appropriate locks. So instead of installing and changing three of four locks, you now change one lock and instead purchase three or four keys.

Key Management – By having each key only open one door, the master key becomes the true source of power. The master key makes managing who has keys to what, much easier. Now when there are people who could be a risk of sabotaging your company, it limits the potential damage said user could inflict.

Miami Locksmith

ArtDeco_south-beachAt Miami Locksmith, we highly believe in the master key system though we also acknowledge that it isn’t for everyone. Most fast food chains simply have two doors and those doors are used at all times, it’s just simply not going to work. But for several corporate entities or small businesses, master keys are a great way to deter thieves and limit the risk of employee-based theft. If you are ready for a master key system or would simply like to conscript our services, give us a call at (305) 422-9457!

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