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A good quality deadbolt is essential to have when it comes to securing the first line of defense for your home. While no lock is 100% secured, a deadbolt lock is considered much safer for the 1-inch hardened steel bolt and that it does not rely on a spring like other locks. To reinforce There are two kinds of deadbolt locks.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock: this lock has a keyhole on one side of the lock and a thumb lock on the opposite side. This type is considered a safer option for many homes because the thumb lock allows easy escape if there is an emergency. However, these locks may not be ideal for doors with glass because of the potential for an intruder to break the glass and open the lock.

deadbolt lock mimai locksmithDouble Cylinder Deadbolt Lock: this lock has the keyhole on both sides of the lock. This lock is deadbolt lock mimai locksmithexcellent because if the lock is on a door with glass on it. An intruder can’t reach over and try to unlock the door. That feature makes it very attractive to homeowners. However, in the event of emergency, it might be harder to escape because you need a key to unlock the door. If you are living in a complex, it is a good idea to check the building codes and see if double cylinder deadbolt locks are allowed on the premises.


Miami Locksmith is experienced with handling any residential and commercial property that are in need of deadbolt locks. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever you need us, we are ready to come and help you out. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured to handle all of your locksmith needs. If you are in need for a locksmith to come help secure your home, call 305-422-9457 today.

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