Who are Forensic Locksmiths?

Forensic Locksmiths

There are not a lot of specialized occupations in the locksmithing world. But one of the most unusual professions that a locksmith can take is forensic locksmiths. Forensic Locksmiths are people who will investigate a lock or a security system to see if there has been any tampering. This is highly suggested regarding white collar crimes as well as fraud cases. Forensic Locksmiths tend to work independently. However, they act in cooperation with businesses and law enforcement.

Who Uses Forensic Locksmiths

The Police: Most violent crimes are committed by people that knew the victim. If something awful happens to somebody in which their security was violated, then an investigation needs to be launched to validate that. Most often the police are interrogating suspects, questioning the victims, and setting up a crime scene. Often a forensic locksmith will be called in to investigate the security aspects of the scene. They will need to examine the lock to ensure no tampering.

The Business Owner: Internal investigations for major corporations, banks, financial industries and the like will often hire these specialized locksmiths when they need to ensure the integrity of their security. By narrowing down who has access to specific areas, a locksmith can trace the list of possible suspects down to only a few. Note: These situations are significantly reduced with the usage of Master Key Systems.

The Security Company: When they aren’t acting as primary investigators, locksmiths can act as consultants. Security companies who will install their own set up can oftentimes ask for outside opinions and suggestions and can often outsource aspects of their locksmith department to these mobile locksmiths.Forensic Locksmiths

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